Journal of Tropical Life Science

The Journal of Tropical Life Science (JTLS) provides for rapid publication of full-length papers, short communication and review articles describing of new finding or theory in living system, cells and molecular level in tropical life science and related areas. The journal publishes articles that report novel findings of wide Tropical Life system phenomenon in the areas of biodiversity, agriculture, fisheries, health, husbandry, forestry and environmental technology. JTLS has 1 volume with 3 issues per year.

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News: 7th Asean Congress Of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology

To extend the scope of JTLS into international level of publication, JTLS together with Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya and Indonesian Parasitic Control and Elimination Association (P4I) will support 7th Asean Congress Of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (7th ACTMP) & 3rd International Conference from Molecular to Clinical Aspect of HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (3rd ICMCA-ATM) on May 17 - 19, 2016 at Malang-Indonesia by publishing manuscripts from selected participants.  
Posted: 2015-12-25
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Vol 6, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


Ellsa Anggun Karantika, Supianur Supianur, Edyson Edyson, Eko Suhartono
65 - 68
Viewed: 13 times
Musyarofah Zuhri, Harry Wiriadinata, Ratna Suti Astuti, Supan Hadiwaluyo, Syamsudin Syamsudin
69 - 78
Viewed: 14 times
Swastika Praharyawan, Delicia Yunita Rahman, Dwi Susilaningsih
79 - 85
Viewed: 26 times
Dewi Melani, Toto Himawan, Aminudin Afandhi
86 - 90
Viewed: 17 times
Febriana Siska, Sulistijorini Sulistijorini, Cecep Kusmana
91 - 96
Viewed: 21 times
Faisal Hadi, Indra Junaidi Zakaria, Zuhri Syam
97 - 100
Viewed: 9 times
Cecep Subarjah, Toto Himawan, Retno Dyah Puspitarini
101 - 106
Viewed: 11 times
Sethyo Vieni Sari, Ibnul Qayim, Iwan Hilwan
107 - 112
Viewed: 4 times
Dewi Nilakrisna, Ridha Taqwa, Sriati Sriati, Dadang Hikmah Purnama, Robiyanto Hendro Susanto
113 - 117
Viewed: 14 times
Made Pharmawati, Eka Fibayani Imaniar
118 - 122
Viewed: 27 times
Dian Siswanto, Paitip Thiravetyan
123 - 111
Viewed: 22 times
Bahaa Mohamed Abdul Latif, Azdayanti Muslim, Heo Chong Chin
131 - 135
Viewed: 16 times