About the Journal

The Journal of Tropical Life Science (JTLS) is an international print and online publication dedicated to providing peer-reviewd articles, rapidly published papers in all areas of Tropical Life Science. The Journal is owned and run by the University Of Brawijaya and is editorially independent of its publisher. JTLS will make the editorial process transparent for all accepted manuscripts, as an online supplementary document all correspondence between authors and the editorial office relevant to the decision process. This will by default include all referee comments directed to the authors, as well as the authors' point-by-point responses. Internal communications and informal consultations between editors, editorial advisors or referees, as well as confidential comments of the reviewers will remain excluded from these policies. Likewise, referee anonymity will be strictly maintained. Authors who are, for specific reasons or as a matter of principle, not comfortable with these disclosures will have the possibility to opt out of the transparent process at any stage prior to publication.